The time for Fleetshare to ‘close’ is upon us…
If you are one of the core group of players with access currently, the ultimate outcome will be a loss of web services and a return to the ‘honor system’ on the handful of our larger planes held back for private use. Other planes will be leased out to groups working with our team members, the rest will be set as public rentals or sold.

Really, we are at this point now, other than flight/account tracking done by the site. As stated before, the goal is not to take away the planes, and anyone still actively using the private fleet will retain access. Additionally, the other services offered to FSE by this site will be moved to a new site (to be announced soon), and by around the end of the year, this site will no longer be the home of flight simulator related services.

There is no deadline or rush, I have actually been trying to work out how to break the FSE stuff away from this site for some time and was stuck in a spot where a lot of work was needed to continue to service a few players, when I feel my limited time to code would be better spent on new ideas and projects.

Future of Fleetshare…

I am sure the handful of remaining private fleet users have noticed that fewer aircraft are available as time goes on. Some have been sold, others are now available as public rentals (that program appears to generate the most income, though not enough to make any of the fleet ventures profitable).

You can expect this trend to continue, and at some point very few private aircraft will be available for use. Most of the planes that are not being sold will be set for public rental, but a handful of the larger planes will be kept around for member use for the time being.

With that in mind, I am open to any input or questions, taking away the planes we have enjoyed using is not the goal here, but having the majority of them sit around waiting for occasional casual use is no longer a viable way to handle any fleet in FSE.

News System Updated

Since some people were having trouble with the forum based news system, we are going to give this a try, hopefully it will work for everyone.
As topics reach a month old on the forum system without a new post, they will be closed and all news will be posted here.

Not a lot to mention besides that; I am putting work on the new Elite Star Aircraft Cooperative site on hold while we evaluate those offerings in light of significantly increased operational costs for our aircraft fleets. Work on the new Capital Aircraft Finance site continues, but is taking longer than expected to complete.