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The Aircraft CoOp, EliteAir (Fleetshare) & Paradise Aviation make up a suite of enhancements for the Flight Simulation add-on FSEconomy. The programs, collectively called Elite Star Services, are based around the ability to Share Aircraft, additional features include Job Search and FBO Management Tools, plus other useful Utilities.

A Brief History
At one time, Fleetshare was a subscription based system available for use by any FSE player. Fleetshare members could then access various aircraft in the fleet for a low hourly fee, resulting in a huge savings over renting aircraft from the system. This program worked well for some period of time, but as FSE transitioned to the use of defined 3rd party interfaces, code written by a now inactive player was unable to operate the service and access was restricted to a core group using the honor system.

The Aircraft CoOp was created during the time Fleetshare was a private service, and the CoOp offered a system where Aircraft Owners & Partners leased Aircraft to a group funded and managed by the CoOp in exchange for access to all aircraft in the CoOp. An hourly rental fee was charged by our system for use of these aircraft, which was then used to pay fuel and maintenance costs. Once the CoOp was up and operating, EliteAir / Fleetshare aircraft were also added, making the CoOp / Fleetshare system the largest Private Fleet in FSE. The intention of the CoOp system was that owners could safely place the majority of their fleet into the program, which would translate into a vast selection of aircraft for all members.

Why is the Program Closed Today?
As changes to FSEconomy were implemented, it became less viable to maintain a large fleet for casual use. To deal with this, some airframes were sold off, others were released from the private fleet and made available as public rentals. The fleet sharing program was never widely used and as such was not a profitable venture, ownership fees made that situation worse, so ultimately the number of aircraft available for private use had declined to the point where the coop program was disassembled in favor of private aircraft sharing combined with a public rental program.

The Fleetshare / Coop program has reached EOL and services are transitioning to the Flight Sim Network.

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