Capital Aircraft Finance for FSEconomy
Capital Aircraft Finance is a virtual company and add-on for FSEconomy that allows pilots in the FSE Game World to take out loans for virtual aircraft. It is currently a ongoing active private project, read below for more information.

While FSEconomy does add elements of an economy to flight simulation, the platform does not cover all aspects of an economy. Lending services are a viable market for player created companies and one of the first of these ventures was a group called the Worldwide Catalina Pacific Company, or WWCPC, offering the ability for pilots to take out a virtual loan and buy aircraft by depositing a downpayment, getting the aircraft right away and making monthly payments to pay it off, verses needing to save up the entire amount and make an outright purchase, which was the only available option up to that point.
Over time though, the players who operated WWCPC moved on from FSE and it looked like what had become a staple service for FSE pilots may end up closing. One of the partners from that group came to me and asked if I could help keep it going. That was the start of Capital Aircraft Finance, a service manually run from a spreadsheet at the time has seen several upgrades taking it from a cloud version of the spreadsheet driven system, to what we have now, a system that is fully automated for the pilot looking to take out a loan on a virtual aircraft.