Flight Sim Network / Star Alliance
The Flight Sim Network is somewhat a collection of utilities and stuff from add-ons or other projects for FSEconomy I worked on over the years. Within that site is another project called the Star Alliance, not from the real life company, but rather from carrying over the names of earlier FSE projects for the Elite Alliance and my own Elite Star, who operated aircraft rental programs called Fleetshare and the Aircraft Coop. Meant as the next step for those programs, the Star Alliance started off by adding in some of the better flight detail offered by a modified version of VAM and SIM ACARS, but over time SIM ACARS was no longer supported and I converted the site to interface with the FSE API instead.
A lot of useful information is available on these sites for FSE players or any flight sim user, having become a sandbox for programming features I wanted or thought would be useful, rather than being marketed to FSE players as a solution to anything specific. The system is capable of many common tasks players maintain outside of the FSE framework and is a never ending project that is still being worked on.